To the Orchard Lake Schools Community:

The past two years have been filled with change as we have adjusted and evolved our program offerings to keep up with the world around us. That environment of change has now extended to our Seminary. 
The Board of Regents has decided to accept the recommendation of the Board of the SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary to close operations at the Seminary upon completion of 2021-22 academic studies. Our primary objective and focus will be with each of the 11 current seminarians, ensuring, to the best of our abilities, that they will be able to complete their studies either in their assigned dioceses or through another seminary. 
The Seminary Board provided the Regents with several reasons for its recommendation, including declining enrollment caused by the changing demographics in the United States, more vocational opportunities in Poland, and recent policy changes that do not allow Polish seminarians to transfer between seminaries. We understand this news will be difficult for some, as the Seminary has proudly operated since 1885. Please join us in praying for all affected by this change, especially our current seminarians, dedicated alumni, and the wider seminary community.
Please note that the Regents are committed to continuing to uphold the ideals of our founder, Father Józef Dąbrowski, in reflecting American Polonia’s consciousness of its religious, historical, and cultural Polish heritage, as is stated in our Schools’ Articles of Incorporation. The Regents will be furthering their historic commitment to maintaining and advancing our Polish culture and heritage, locally, nationally, and worldwide, by expanding the role and activities of The Polish Mission. Our vision remains to grow and invest in the success of St. Mary’s Preparatory High School, The Polish Mission, the Polish-American Liturgical Center, the Marian Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Chapel of Our Lady of Orchard Lake – Archdiocesan Shrine of St. John Paul II, and most importantly, our Catholic faith. 
One question we know we will receive but cannot yet answer is, What is the plan for the buildings on campus that currently house Seminary programs?  Our Board will evaluate options in the coming months and years so that those facilities will continue to be used to advance our Catholic mission. 
While we accept and prepare for these changes, we also keep top of mind the recent momentum as an organization, including significantly increased enrollment at St. Mary’s Preparatory and excellent progress toward the new classroom building scheduled to open next year as a result of this trend.
We thank you for your prayers during this time of transition. 

Board of Regents of the Orchard Lake Schools 

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