PRESIDENT BRONISLAW KOMOROWSKI of Poland will be at the UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY on Tuesday, September 25, 2012.  This will be the very first visit of a Polish president to West Point.  The Embassy of the Republic of Poland invites all the public, especially members of Polonia, to be part of this historic event by attending the wreath-laying ceremony at the Kościuszko Monument at 1:15 in the afternoon.

The ceremony will include many of the features of the one sponsored by the U. S. Military Academy and the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF THE FRIENDS OF KOŚCIUSZKO AT WEST POINT in the spring of each year when TADEUSZ KOŚCIUSZKO, the great military engineer and hero of Poland and the United States, is honored for his dedication to the cause of freedom and independence for both those countries.

Join members of the Polish American Congress, Polish Singers Alliance of America, Kosciuszko Foundation, Polish Scouting and other organization in this tribute to Kościuszko.  The more visible Polonia is on this military campus as we laud Kościuszko for what he did to help the Colonies attain their freedom, the more visible and important we become politically throughout the United States.


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