From Governor Rick Snyder


Dear Readers,
“Reinventing Michigan is going to require a change in culture and mindset. As Michiganders, we have to begin to take pride in small victories as we take steps to forward our state. We need to work across regional and political lines and avoid the win/lose mentality that brings our entire state down.” – Governor Rick Snyder

Many of us think of Michigan as isolated from the global community; without significant immigrant populations. We forget that Detroit and other parts of Michigan were forged by immigrants. They were the ones who instilled a spirit of strength and persistence that has contributed to the rebirth of many communities. Michigan would not be the state it is today if not for the families who chose to settle here-of all places and states. Your presence and that of your family adds to the richness and vibrancy of our state.

Governor Rick Snyder is committed to reinventing the state of Michigan. As Michiganders we are all in this together. The more we cooperate and communicate with one another, the stronger we will be. Governor Snyder believes that government listens to the people, asks them to help set priorities, operate in a fully transparent manner, and measure actual results against agreed upon objectives. This will help citizens develop a sense of confidence and responsibility for their state. With confidence comes a winning attitude. It does not result from one spectacular success. It is built up over time, the product of multiple successes, each one demonstrating that Michigan is growing stronger, more competent, and more competitive.

This is our vision for Michigan.

As a representative for Governor Rick Snyder, I would like to assist and facilitate in any way possible. It is our hope that by making information about the state as well as the services it provides more accessible we can engage in open dialogue. We believe that by being transparent and cooperative we can be stronger.
On that note, I encourage you to talk with your families, organizations, and communities and begin the conversation of how our office can help be a voice for your concerns and interests. If there is anything further I can be doing for you regarding this or any other state-related matter, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Ania Bieciuk,
Constituent Relations Division, Executive Office of the Governor, Rick Snyder
Phone: (517) 335-7858

Download Original Letter From Governor Rick Snyder (PDF)

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