Among his other talents, contributing author Frank Dmuchowski is a military historian, and I enjoyed his article in this week’s issue concerning the Polish Cavalry charge at the battle of Samosierra during the Napoleonic wars. I have long known that the Polish Cavalry had a glorious reputation, but here is an example of why that is. Frank’s comparison to the famous British cavalry “Charge of the light Brigade” helped illuminate the story for me. Thanks for the history lesson, Frank!

After I finish writing this column, I will be busy adding my name to the petition circulating by computer concerning the miss-labeling of German – Nazi death camps that were established by the Nazis on German – occupied Polish soil during WW II. See the article on the progress of the petition elsewhere in this issue, along with related stories concerning the adjustments officially being made in the guidelines of various publishers. Also note our re-publication of Andy Ładak’s letter to the Detroit News on the same subject. This is a problem we have dealt with in the past and which we must continue to be vigilant about. To add your name to the petition, visit the Kosciuszko Foundation web site at thekf.org, and search the site for “petition.”

Among the News from Poland, my attention was caught by the item concerning Poland’s potential status as an “Ambassador” for Russia to the European Union. It was just this “geo-political” “position” that Lech Walesa was talking about in his recent comments on the advantage of Poland’s location between Russia and the EU which I wrote about in the last issue of the Polish Weekly. Walesa underscored the economic ties between Poland and its neighbors when he commented that Poles buy more Mercedes automobiles than Germans do, and Russian military threats, while serious to security concerns, were primarily posturing in the maneuvers for political and economic advantage. Poland is at once a natural buffer and a natural connection between Russia and the EU. This is a status that should be used to Poland’s advantage.

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