Elsewhere in this issue is an item I wrote on the recent reception for Lech Walesa sponsored by the Polish Mission of the Orchard Lake Schools. As Mr. Walesa gets older, he gets better. Or maybe I just didn’t have the opportunity to fully appreciate him the last time we briefly met, many years ago on the campus of the Orchard lake Schools. I had an interesting discussion near the end of the reception with Orchard Lake Schools Chancellor, Fr. Timothy Whalen on the question of why Walesa was so popular here in America but seemed not to enjoy the same level of appreciation in Poland, and I thought that as a matter of perspective, we in America are most familiar with his heroic exploits as a leader of Solidarity and the transformation of Poland to democracy, while many in Poland focus more on the politics, controversy and rivalry that followed that transformation. Presidents get much credit and blame regardless of their actual ability to control what happens.

Congratulations to Stanley Grot on his recent appointment as Shelby Township Deputy Treasurer, where Stan will continue his long record of outstanding public service. The citizens of Shelby Township will be well served and Stan will bring credit to Polonia by his endeavors.

Polish film director Agnieszka Wójtowicz-Vosloo will be a special guest at the 17th Polish Film Festival in Ann Arbor this weekend. She will participate in a discussion Saturday evening in conjunction with the screening of her film, “After.Life.” See the review of her film and festival information elsewhere in this issue.

Thanks to Barbara Gronet for her coverage of the recent celebration of 100 years of polish Scouting. A banquet was held in Sterling Heights, and a highlight of the event was prolific singing. See the details in Barbara’s article.

We also thank Frank Dmuchowski for his generous contributions, including coverage of the Piotr Rubik performance. It was especially good to see his comment about the younger members of the audience who were able to enjoy the songs and music, and you know it was a great evening of entertainment when there are three standing ovations with accompanying encores!

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