Prominent in this week’s issue is coverage of the debate between “Rocky” Raczkowski and Gary Peters, who are squared off to compete for the 9th Congressional District seat in the United States House of Representatives in the upcoming elections. Elsewhere in this issue we have a report on the Polish Weekly’s interview with both candidates as well as some comments on highlights of the debate itself, but there is one very specific matter I feel compelled to comment on. The Peters campaign is running a television “attack” ad against Raczkowski wherein allegations against Raczkowski are excerpted from court documents filed in a pending lawsuit against Raczkowski. This ad is a blatant smear tactic.
As Mr. Raczkowski pointed out in his comments, the ad quotes allegations made in a court filing where “anyone can allege anything no matter how false it is.” No weight should be given to the television ad in question, and I was shocked to see the ad a few days ago, before I had seen the current articles on the campaign we include in this week’s issue. I am also disappointed (but not surprised) that a candidate would stoop to making a claim that another candidate will neglect his duties because of the need to defend himself in court. The ad represents the worst kind of negative attack ad that soils American politics. I agree with “Rocky” 100% that Mr. Peters should drop the ad, and I think he should throw in an apology. Let’s focus on the issues.

One general aspect of current political issues that continues to trouble me is the “exporting” of manufacturing jobs. America is losing more of its self sufficiency every time a manufacturing job goes overseas or beyond our borders. Proponents of “free trade,” both Democrats and Republicans, have sold out our American Labor force by forcing it to compete with the lower standards existing outside our borders. Free trade may be a laudable goal on a level playing field, but that is hardly what the current world market is. Congratulations to Wladyslaw Budweil for 60 years of service as Organist at Our Lady Queen of Apostles Parish. See the report on this remarkable man elsewhere in this issue. We thank him for continuing to give the gift of music. Please remember to renew your subscription to the Polish weekly. You can fill out the renewal form in the paper and send it in with your check to The Polish Weekly, P.O. Box 80790, Rochester, MI 48308, or use your credit card by calling us at 1-313-365-1990. Thank you.

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