This week you will find another installment of Frank Dmuchowski’s series of articles on the Miracle on the Vistula describing the historical context of the Battle for Warsaw during the Polish – Soviet War in 1920. This has been a fascinating read for me because it covers a piece of Polish history I have been ignorant of. So far, the most interesting thing (to me) I have learned is that there were 20,000 men who were volunteers from America in the 70,000 strong “Blue” Army of General Haller which took part in the conflict. I am going to have to read some of the reference material recommended by Frank in his preambles to the articles, but I wonder if, at some point in the future, he could favor us with a more detailed story on this aspect. Polish heroes have fought for America, and here is an instance of reciprocity that should become more known.

I want to say special thanks for the contribution this week from Dennis Popiel titled “A Special Friendship: Luke Popiel & Zofia Korbonska.” This story satisfies on many levels as a simple tribute to the humanity of a sincere friendship and as a historical document about life in Poland during turbulent times of war and political upheaval.

Please note the appeal elsewhere in this issue to support a U. S. Congressional Resolution for an independent investigation into what is being called the “Second Katyn Tragedy,” the air disaster that took the lives of so many Polish officials and people related to the Katyn Forest massacre. A form is provided for readers to send to their Congressional representatives. An independent investigation is essential to determine the facts in an unbiased way.

Ending on a happy note and (pun intended!) on a musical note, we are deep into the 200th anniversary of Chopin. You will find several items concerning recent past and imminent performances of the great composer’s works among our pages. I hope you have a chance to enjoy some of them, and an organized or informal excursion to Cleveland for the events to take place on October 17th would be great fun.

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