The need to correct a general ignorance of history is demonstrated once again by the comments made by Bill O’Reilly on his Fox network television show, “The O’Reilly Factor.” I haven’t seen the actual comments, but apparently Mr. O’Reilly commented that Poland offered little resistance to the invasion of Poland by the Nazis and Russians during World War II. The reality, of course, is that Poland offered the stiffest resistance of any invaded country during the outbreak of the war, holding out longer than France (which had more time to prepare and a heavily fortified defensive border), and continuing to fight aggressively throughout the war under the government in exile and in conjunction with or among the forces of the other allies.

The roles of Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain, Polish soldiers at Monte Casino and Polish code breakers working independently and with British intelligence have been documented and exposed to the general public to some extent, but far more needs to be done to correct the misperceptions that persist about Poland’s role in the war. O’Reilly’s comments are symptomatic of the general ignorance that pervades the modern consciousness.

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Congratulations to Donna Baranski-Walker on her receipt of the Medal of Gratitude at ceremonies at the Gdansk Shipyard in Poland in recognition of her role in founding S.O.S. – Chicago (Support of Solidarity). Details are reported elsewhere in an item by Frank Dmuchowski, but take to heart Donna’s comment, “We have to do more than talk…”

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