Our history lesson on the Battle for Warsaw during the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921, courtesy of contributing author Frank Dmuchowski, continues in this issue. Two aspects of the “lesson” I find particularly interesting are the notes on the Kościuszko Squadron, and the Polish code breakers. The American pilots of the Kościuszko Squadron who flew for the fledgling Polish Air Force bring to mind the Lafayette Escadrille, the famous squadron of American pilots who flew with the French Air Service in World War I. Fighting in different venues, both of these American manned forces are worthy of the Polish motto, “For your freedom and ours.” As author Dmuchowski observes, the Polish code – breaking team that cracked the Soviet codes prior to the Battle for Warsaw foreshadowed the accomplishments of Polish cryptographers who broke the Nazi “enigma” code during the Second World War. In the present state of turmoil in international affairs, both Poland and America continue the tradition of fostering and defending the freedom and welfare of other nations.

Natural disasters continue to hold headlines in news across the world, and flooding has taken a front seat for the time being. While mass media focuses on record flooding in China and Pakistan, Poland is experiencing its share in places like Bogatynia as we report among the news from Poland.

Another item of interest from Poland is that the issue of alleged CIA interrogation prisons having been operated in Poland is still alive in the form of investigations apparently being conducted by Polish Prosecutors. I note that the news of the ongoing investigation is supported the Gazeta Wyborcza’s “own findings,” which underscores the important role of a free press in keeping the public informed.

Allison Stevens gives us a glimpse of the importance and value of the Polish Mission at Orchard Lake in her report detailing her discovery of the documentation of her heritage among the archives and records being preserved by the Mission.

I close this week by offering congratulations to Rocky Raczkowski for his success in winning the republican primary in his bid for the seat in the US House of Representatives from Michigan’s 9th Congressional District. As always, don’t forget to vote!

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