Publisher’s Note – July 27, 2010

Home Delivery

Our subscribers should be getting the Tygodnik Polski within three business days of publications. In the last issues many areas received their paper on time. However some did not. We wish to thank the two subscribers who called to tell us they did not get the paper on time.

If you don’t get the newspaper in what you believe is a timely manner, would you please call us at (313) 365-1990 and leave your name and ZIP CODE. The Zip Code is very important as we are now working with the postal authorities in the Michigan Metroplex to get to the root of this problem right down to your local post office.

Lawsuit against Tygodnik Polski

Recently a lawsuit has been filed against Tygodnik Polski by Ms. Anita Dul who is the Chief Operating Officer of the PAC Federal Credit Union. We believe that her charges are baseless and without merit. We believe that Tygodnik Polski has operated in a professional manner. This lawsuit will not prevent us from printing disclosures about Ms. Dul which we believe are important considerations in her continuing role as COO of the PAC Federal Credit Union. She is a public figure and as such her actions are subject to appropriate scrutiny.

Yes, the rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press even apply to a small Polish American newspaper such as Tygodnik Polski. However, as you all know that Freedom is not free. In order to maintain your right to know and to maintain Freedom of the Press, we will need to defend ourselves in court against this baseless and harassing lawsuit. Consequently a fund has been established for the legal defense of Tygodnik Polski.  For those of you who choose to donate we will use your funds wisely and whatever is not used will be returned in the proportion to which it was contributed.

We wish to thank those who have already contributed. Thank you so much for your thought s, best wishes and caring.

The check should be made out to:

The Polish Weekly Legal Defense Fund

And sent to our mailing address:

Polish Weekly

P.O. Box 80790

Rochester, MI 48308

Time to Renew Your Subscription

For many of you this is the time to renew your subscription. The easiest way is to fill out the renewal form which is in the paper and send it in with your check to The Polish Weekly, P.O. Box 80790, Rochester, MI 48308.

You can also renew your subscription by credit card by calling us at 1-313-365-1990. Thank you.

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