In the current issue of the Polish Weekly I see a theme, a common thread, running through several of the items we have for our readers. That theme is the need and the benefit of reaching out beyond our own community of Polonia, whether in telling our story or working to accomplish a better world in conformance with our traditional values. It is a theme I believe in very strongly.

I have often supported the idea that the history of Polish contributions to the wider world needs to be told, and this week we have two items regarding the story of the Polish resistance in World War II. On page 7 you will find our coverage of the recent appearance of author Kenneth Koskodan at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy, Michigan. Mr. Koskodan is promoting his new book, “No Greater Ally: the Untold Story of Poland’s Forces in World War II.” The book is, of course, a history of Polish fighting forces, both underground and regular military, during the Second World War, and the scope of that story will surely come as news to many readers who think that Poland fell easily to the Germans and was never a factor in the global conflict. What is perhaps most interesting to our local readership is that some of the very heroes that Koskodan features in his book are living among us now. Relevant to the book in question, we also have a letter from Anna Dadlez, who is mentioned in the book erroneously (as she points out) as one of the participants. There apparently was some confusion over similar names and information mistakenly associated with Anna, but as she says, the error should not detract from the importance of the author’s accomplishment. The story is authentic, even if a few details are not entirely accurate. The story is also vital to a proper appreciation of the Polish contribution to the war effort.

Another item that “reaches out” is obviously the article “Widen the Circle” on page 4. The subject is the University of Michigan Polish Club’s Benefit party for the Hamtramck Community Initiative. The article justifiably takes pride in the fact that the event was far more expansive than the Polish or Polish American members of the club itself, and that the supporting crowd in attendance crossed age, religious, racial and cultural boundaries, all in support of a very worthy cause.

On the very next page (5) we have a contribution from Father Ventline detailing and interfaith gathering in support of strengthening our society through strengthening families with a wide variety of initiatives. We can always accomplish more when we pull together.

Michael A. Szymanski

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