If you read nothing else this week, you should read Thomas Mikulski’s “In my View…” on page 4. Thomas gives us a succinct recap of the war in Afghanistan and a view of the current status and future prospects that I found immensely helpful in putting it all in perspective and helping me judge current developments. Sadly, it also reminds me of how we lost focus in Afghanistan when America invaded Iraq and our main efforts were diverted to that undertaking, leaving Afghanistan an unfinished task in danger of failure. I take heart from the cautionary last few paragraphs of Thomas’s column. It is important that we remain steadfast in our support of finishing the job properly, and we should heed the warning that weak support at home can undermine the chances of success.

Having recommended reading Mikulski this week, I don’t want anyone to miss the rest of the issue. I recently talked with a friend who is going to Poland soon, and Krakow will be one of her stops. An item on page 7 is timely titled “Why you should visit Krakow in winter time,” and it brought fond memories of my own visit to mind.

I was also reminded of my one trip to Paris when I saw the article on page 3 about the call to move the remains of Frederic Chopin to the Paris Pantheon, a burial place for French citizens of historical significance. As the item points out, the Paris Pantheon is currently the resting place of Polish – Born Nobel Prize Winner Marie Sklodowska – Curie, and it seems fitting that Chopin’s remains might be relocated there.

Don’t miss the coverage of the Kazimierz Olejarczyk 90th birthday celebration courtesy of Barbara J. Gronet on page 5. Thanks also to George Szelazek for the wonderful photographs. This is our cover story in honor of his many good works and his great value to Polonia.
I am very grateful to Kasia Ostrowski for her contribution on page 7 called “Children of Solidarity.” I don’t always have the time or the focus to personally thank our contributing authors, but they all make the Polish Weekly a more interesting, more valuable and diverse publication.

Finally, the Christmas season is upon us, and now is the time to think about supporting your newspaper with Christmas greetings. Please show your support and send your messages. Advertise your business or just say “Hi” to your friends but, in any event, enjoy the season!

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