This week the big news is that the Polish Weekly has its own web site up and running. Visit www.polishweekly.com for the latest news and information. Currently much of the site is in Polish, but our English readers will hopefully find more to read as time goes on. The Polish Weekly will also be available for purchase online in a pdf format. Visit the site for details, and send us your suggestions and feedback on the usefulness of the site. Also send us suggestions for links to your organizations.

Our contributor Thomas Mikulski (In my view, page 4) has surprised and delighted me again with an insightful comment on the latest breaking news of the change in plans for the controversial Missile Defense System that was to be installed partly on Polish soil. What may seem at first to be an abandonment of the project may really be a new and improved version that reduces the controversy and increases the effectiveness. According to the information in Mikulski’s commentary, there will still be a deployment of defensive Patriot missiles in Poland, including a permanent American military presence that should fulfill one of the major objectives (deterrence of aggression) sought as a benefit by the Polish Government.

Elsewhere in this issue there are “sound bite” style reports on the Obama Administration’s “cancelation” of the originally contemplated ground – based missile installation that the Bush Administration had committed to, including an observation that the timing of the announcement was extremely unfortunate, coinciding as it did with commemoration ceremonies of the outbreak of WW II (see page 3). I will await further developments and hope that Mikulski’s analysis is correct and that the new system serves the integrated interests of both the U.S. and Poland.

On page 6 is an item by John Guzlowski, who presented some of his War related poetry at the recent commemoration ceremonies of the outbreak of WW II at the Orchard Lake Schools. He tells the moving (in more ways than one!) story of his family’s odyssey from Europe to various parts of America through the theme of a handmade wooden trunk used to carry the bare essentials during their travels. I couldn’t help but relate to his description of the passing of his mother, and I thank him for sharing with us.

Finally, I want to thank Krystyna and Zbigniew Ejsmont, who made our new website possible. Thanks to them you can now buy the Polish Weekly online on Wednesday, the same day it is available on the newsstands.

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